Main Street Pittsboro Welcome Center

sched-virtual In 1980 The National Trust for Historic Preservation developed the Main Street Program to help historic downtowns and business districts rebound from the loss of businesses migrating to outlying shopping centers, suburbs, and large shopping malls. Coincidentally, many towns were losing businesses to increased competition from big-box retailers. As small, family-owned businesses shuttered, downtowns lost variety, local flavor, and their unique cultures. Main Street’s goal was and remains “Economic development within the context of historic preservation.” Main Street’s four-point approach to improving all aspects of downtown is a proven comprehensive system based on:

Organization: Building human and financial resources through public/private partnerships;

Promotion: Selling your town based on unique, authentic creative assets;

Design: Improving the physical aspects of downtown to express Pittsboro’s identity and individuality;

Economic Vitality: Expanding and diversifying the economic base while strengthening existing