Case Study: ICL - ESG week

We helped ICL bring Immersive Learning and Virtual Experiences experiences to manufacturing during ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) week.


The Precise 3D Scans E-learning solution enabled ICL and our team to develop several custom experiences for employee training covering safety at work in the factory, safety on the road and understanding Quality Assurance (QA). The experiences take employees on a journey within a photo-realistic virtual space, using visual and sound effects, along with gamification elements, to tell a story and communicate training lessons in a fun and entertaining way.

Company Bio

Leading global specialty minerals company that creates impactful solutions for humanity’s sustainability challenges in the global food, agriculture, and industrial markets. 

“We were looking for something innovative and engaging to attract our employees during ICL ESG week. Precise 3D Scans 3D E-learning experience was exactly what we were looking for and even exceeded my expectations.”
Mina Ofek
Product Manager, ICL
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The Challenge

Historically, ICL's annual Environmental, Social, and Governance week's (ESG) educational and training content was very hard to deliver in an attractive and technologically modern way that made content accessible virtually for the company’s diverse employees. Common media and content is usually shared virtually during the global ESG week which usually results in low employee engagement.

The Approach

Precise 3D Scans provided operational and technological solutions for capturing spaces that would host the tutorials and educational content. This included setting up teams from both companies to cooperate on challenging capture missions and technological development projects.

The Solution

Precise 3D Scans captured 3 spaces for 3 different experiences: Quality Assurance, Road Safety, and Safety at work. In addition to capturing these spaces, Precise 3D Scans produced high-quality content to accompany the tutorials. The content was integrated into an interactive experience encouraging high engagement using custom, gamified content.

The Results

During the global ESG week, our experiences registered thousands of entries and high engagement within the experience. The average time per visitor in the virtual experiences went from an average of 52 seconds per visit for standard virtual spaces to over 13 minutes. The high-quality content produced along with the technological solutions created cutting-edge experiences based on real spaces, captured making the educational content accessible and inviting.

“Precise 3D Scans provided creativity and flexibility in a short amount of time, raising the level of e-learning experiences to new heights”
Mina Ofek
Product Manager