Precise 3D Scans


Our Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Contact us directly and we can provide a helpful document/checklist that will help in preparations for the shoot, and let you understand the entire procedure start to finish.

Because of the intricate functionality of our virtual experiences, we now host and manage all the tours we create.  That is currently included within the price.

Yes. Contact us directly and we can supply you with a checklist.

Absolutely!  Our virtual experiences are 100% responsive on desktop and all mobile devices.

The hotspots are a way to embed more detailed information right inside a 3D virtual tour.  We can program the hotspots to do many things such as:

  • Text Only – shows simple extra block of text to point out details. These can include hyperlinks.
  • Videos – right from your YouTube or Vimeo video channels. We can also trigger video to play automatically when a user “enters” any location within a virtual tour.
  • Still Photos – from your supplied still images (with or without text).
  • Photo Galleries – still photos and captions that can be changed by client whenever necessary.
  • External Webpages – Display live webpages embedded right into the 3D virtual tour.  (May not work with all external webpages)
     – Move from one 3D virtual tour location to another.
  • Social Media Feeds – such as context specific Twitter, Facebook, or other live social media feeds.

– all from right from within the 3D virtual tour. Very useful for pointing out intricate features of your environment, and keeping updated event oriented details displayed.

“We provide a customized virtual experience of your business that tells your unique story and blows away your ideal customers. This is an experience that cannot be replicated by simple photos or video. It's said that a picture can speak a thousand words, and a video a million; the words a 3D virtual experience speaks is truly unlimited."
Dan Brown
Founder/Creative Director, Precise 3D Scans, LLC