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Showcase Your Real Estate or Business With a 3D Interactive Marketing Experience.



Want to attract more customers to your retail business or boutique? Don’t just tell them what you sell, show them! Give your customers the opportunity to experience your business online with a Matterport® 3D Virtual Tour well before they arrive, offering them a more accurate sense of your products and services. Often customers are unaware of the diverse and unique services or products a company or business offers. 


3D Virtual Tours are pushing the boundaries of how medical & healthcare centers are communicating with members of the public who might need specialized care the most.  With a 3D Virtual Tour you can now provide a future patient with the opportunity to see and understand your facility in an immersive and interactive way, allowing them to become familiar with your amenities, services, and accommodations.

 As your 3D virtual tour provider, we can create a 3D representation of your facility designed to deliver a comprehensive look into your medical or healthcare facility that has the ability to reach an exponentially greater number of visitors freeing you and your staff up to help potential residents or patients who need your care facility urgently.


Our interactive and completely immersive real estate virtual tour powered by Matterport® technology offer potential buyers a 24/7 open house experience, allowing visitors to walk through your listing without ever leaving their phone or tablet. Buyers can get an immediate and true sense of the home their interested in facilitating the decision making process.


When documentation is key and time is of the essence, incorporating a 3D Virtual Tour into the insurance claim process can be a huge benefit to all parties involved. 2D photography and time consuming manual documentation have their limitations.  Increased efficiency & improved accuracy are just some of the benefits of 3D documentation


For North Carolina restaurants and cafes wishing to capture the unique ambiance of their dining establishment, a Precise 3D Scans Matterport® 3D Virtual Tour creates a stunning online representation of your real-world physical space. Restaurant goers choosing their next location for an upcoming get together with friends or a cozy dining experience for two will love being able to interactively see all that your place has to offer. 


When attraction goers, gamers, vacationers, and thrill seekers are looking for their next adventure, make sure your establishment is front and center with a 3D Virtual Tour produced by Precise 3D Scans.  Unlike traditional 2D Photography, 3D Virtual Tours provide an immersive storytelling experience giving your visitors the opportunity to interact with your space in a whole new way.


A workout facility can be an extremely intimidating environment full of complicated and unfamiliar equipment.   Help ease future members fears by allowing them to tour your facility from the comfort of their home with a fully interactive 3D Virtual Tour. 


3D Virtual Tours enable anyone from around the globe to explore your vehicle showroom in immersive 3D, on your website or social media platform, anytime, from anywhere.  3D interactive display sets you apart from your competitors as you provide online customers an entirely immersive, up-close tour of your inventory. 

Allow customers to virtually walk through a 3D Tour of your showroom as if they were actually there. 80% of shoppers’ research online before choosing a location to shop in person, so create the strongest impact on customer interest by offering virtual tours that can be viewed on any device.  Grab customers attention the moment they show interest online with a life-like in-store virtual experience. 


Event organizers will be able to visualize your convention and meeting room space in a way that is much more helpful and engaging than with traditional 2D photography.  From small corporate events to large conferences, assessing the spatial and functional specifications of a facility is paramount to the decision-making process. Precise 3D Scans offers a comprehensive first-person look into your facility, ultimately providing event coordinators with the detailed information they need to determine if your location is the right fit for their next event.

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