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Onboarding and Training Employees Can Be Hard...

As technology has evolved so has the need to tell a story and engage with your employees and visitors in a modern and effective way.

Unfortunately, your reliance on only the standard LMS way of “module” and “slide deck” type of training is keeping you from…

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We Help You Make Training Easy With A Customized Virtual Experience!

Benefits Of Virtual E-Learning Experiences


Eliminate Risk
  • Zero risk/harm environments
  • Eliminate training injury & accidents
  • Replicate hazardous scenarios
  • 2

    Increase Retention
  • Faster learning through exposure
  • Lessen the chances of training injury & accidents
  • Immersive "Gamified" learning environments
  • 3

  • Showcase what makes your corporation special
  • Attract the right people for your team
  • 4

    Connect Teams
  • Experience from anywhere in the world
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Easy access to onboarding help
  • 5

    Cut Costs
  • Reduce Travel & Environmental Footprint
  • Save on space requirements
  • 6

  • Data is king- get insights and stats
  • To understand how each user performed.
  • A Powerful Virtual E-learning Platform

    Real-Time Interaction & Gamification

    Give users the ability to engage in a natural and meaningful way through incredibly realistic environments, challenges & tests.

    Response Analytics

    Track user interaction in real-time. Explore metrics after each session or explore high-level data from within the application.


    Allow users to connect and have real-time engagement and interactive functionality.

    What Our Clients Say

    “In short, these guys are awesome. I don’t leave many reviews, but (sadly) great service/quality isn’t a given, and companies like this deserve to be recognized. The work they do is truly professional – from design through the customization process– in a different league from the crowd of media companies and/or DIY. The creative director, Dan, is also deeply engaged in multiple aspects of the business which clearly shows. My company is thrilled with how our virtual experience projects have turned out. If you’re looking for ‘the best Precise 3D Scans is definitely it!”
    C. Martinez
    Sitar Commercial

    Where Virtual E-learning Experiences are Making the Biggest Impact

    General Safety & Emergency Procedures

    Replicate any real world safety scenario for zero-harm immersive learning. From basic hazard identification all the way to complex emergency response plans.

    Front Line Employee Training

    Transform employee training by re-creating a multitude of real world scenarios. Increase empathy, reinforce positive behavior & help delight clients.

    Employee Onboarding

    Easy scaleable employee orientation in an engaging & immersive virtual environment. Accelerate employee ramp up time and reduce organizational turnover.

    Our Effective 3 Step Process

    1. Schedule a conversation

    Together, we'll discuss your project goals and discuss your particular e-learning needs.

    2. Capture all Media

    We'll scan your location with our 3D equipment, and capture the media according to the project goals we determine together

    3. Deliver your virtual experience

    We deliver the your virtual experience so you can begin to engage and inform your employees and visitors.

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